Content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional marketing.


It generates about 3-times as many leads, per dollar spent.


60% of your competitors are publishing content everyday on their website.


82% of customers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content


Trusted SEO Content Writing

I fulfilled my first order for SEO friendly content on October 3, 2013 via a freelance platform called Elance. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with more than 80 different individuals and organizations - ensuring the content on their site and blog was ready to attract Google’s attention, and turn visitors into customers.

Tackling Challenging Topics and Niche
SEO Keywords

I have to admit, I’ve learned a lot of interesting things about even the most mundane topics - from garage door openers to the New York comedy scene, and even a few Supreme Court cases. Every new project brings with it a fresh opportunity to learn about an industry or market.And, once I’ve wrapped my head around the topics that matter to the markets my clients are trying to excite, I have the opportunity to craft a message that punches through the noise - leading to more online engagements and better brand recognition.

My Content, Your Authorship

The content I write is regularly published on major news and opinion sites. Well-respected authors, overloaded with demands on their time, hire me to complete articles on their behalf.

If you have too much on your plate, I can help craft content to keep your authorships in good standing. Articles I’ve written have covered financial and legal topics, e-commerce, startups, and marketing. In a matter of days, I can take your outline and turn it into a top-shelf article that stays true to your tone and style.

Hiring a content writer is one of the best ways to maximize your time and get more done, without sacrificing the quality and volume of your content

Powerful Marketing for Startups on a Budget

Marketing your startup is challenging - both because you’re starting from zero, and you have limited resources to throw at a marketing plan. My birth by fire, as an entrepreneur, started as a co-founder of a startup. My first-hand experience fighting to create something from nothing means that I intimately understand your struggle. As a result, my content marketing strategies help startups outmaneuver the bigger firms.

Let’s Get Started on Your Content Marketing Today

Whether you’re a busy professional, a startup that’s grinding out a proof-of-concept, or an established firm looking to improve your site’s position in search rankings, let’s have a conversation. Give me a call or shoot me an email. We’ll quickly figure out if I can be of service. And I’ll gladly answer your questions - so you can ensure your efforts are pushing your site in the right direction.

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