James Lang, SEO Content Writer

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m guessing you’re looking for an SEO content writer to help you with your online marketing efforts. You’re looking in the right place. For the past four years I’ve helped more than 80 individuals and companies put their passion into words.

I uncovered my passion for writing while working at my first startup. It’s true, you can’t eat stake. So, while I waited for our startup to gain traction, I searched for ways to supplement my income. It turns out, writing is something I enjoy spending 16 hours a day doing.

Elance helped me to connect with the first few clients. Eventually, Elance became UpWork, and writing became my full-time occupation. Today, my "Top Rated" UpWork profile catalogues a solid track-record of helping clients with all of their written content needs.

The Value of a Long-Term SEO Content Writer

Every brand is unique. Your online messaging needs to be both powerful and consistent. Hiring a SEO Content Writer for your team that’s able to consistently provide content gives you an edge over your online competitors.

Google loves fresh, targeted site content. I value my long-term client relationships because I’m able to help their brand speak more clearly online - attracting search engines and customers.

By working with me, you’ll gain a reliable partner that gets excited when your company grows, and feels just as frustrated as you do if things go wrong.

I’m not just a one-off contract writer. I get passionately involved with my clients’ projects. My goal is to make sure your company succeeds in out-maneuvering the competition to score new customers.

SEO Friendly Content, The Easy Way

I’m standing by to help your website flourish. My costs are competitive, because I value long-term working relationships. With a 50% deposit via PayPal, I can have your first round of content ready within a few days.

Once you’re happy with the content, simply cover the remaining balance due and we can work together on the next chapter of your story.

Blog Posts

Inform your most passionate followers with targeted content.

Guest Posts

Build a presence on third-party sites and score backlinks

Landing Pages

Targeted pages that speak to specific customer needs.

Product Descriptions

Give customers the information they need to make a purchase.

Product Reviews

Let customers dig deeper into your products and services.

User Guides

Help customers get the most out of your products.